Customers often ask us many questions about natural gas.

  • What is natural gas?
  • How does natural gas reduce fleet emissions?
  • Can I calculate the emission reductions with natural gas?
  • What engines are available for my operation? What about costs and maintenance?

Welcome to the Natural Gas Playbook – Cummins Westport’s new website designed to provide new and existing natural gas customers with guidance on evaluating and operating natural gas vehicles.

The information is separated into five sections: Assess, Specify, Prepare, Implement, and Operate & Maintain. We provide emissions and economic calculators, resources, tools, and information to help you successfully manage your natural gas fleet. You can also save and print information specific to your playbook.

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About CWI

Cummins Westport Inc. designs, engineers, and markets 6 to 12 litre spark-ignited automotive natural gas engines for commercial transportation applications such as truck and buses. Our dedicated 100% natural gas engines are manufactured by Cummins and available as a factory-direct option from leading truck and bus manufacturers (OEMs).

More than 80,000 Cummins Westport engines are in service worldwide. Designed to meet the most stringent emissions regulations, they provide efficient and reliable service.


Expert Team

Cummins Westport customers benefit from the strength and support of the Cummins global network of more than 600 independent and company-owned distributor locations, and approximately 6,500 parts or service locations in 190 countries and territories.

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