To manage the successful roll out of your natural gas fleet, we recommend the following actions:

  • Review the vehicle specifications outlined in the “Specify” section to ensure that your engines are properly integrated.
  • Contact your Cummins Representative for a complete engine and vehicle walk-around, and to schedule driver training.

It’s important to coordinate with your OEM/dealer, fuel system provider, fuel provider, and your local Cummins Sales and Service representative to ensure the smooth implementation of your natural gas fleet.  Here are some items to consider as you roll out your new vehicles:

  • Have your fuel provider confirm that the fuel quality meets the fuel specifications for Cummins Westport engines and that the fuel station is operational.
  • Confirm the fuel economy and range with your OEM/fuel system provider. Note that natural gas engine fuel economy will improve after an engine break-in period of approximately 15,000 miles. Fuel filters must be checked daily during initial fleet operations.
  • Connect with your Cummins Sales and Service representative for assistance with: engine walk-arounds and driver training; confirmation of maintenance service plan, and parts and service support; and identification of dealer certification and technician training requirements.
  • Conduct safety training on fueling and operating natural gas vehicles.